Looking Beyond the Possible

Future Gate Group is a leading company in the business services, software solutions and healthcare industry, magazine and trading & contracting it serves many of the world’s leading companies through various agreements and partnerships.

Today, Future Gate Group has established a remarkable position in the Middle East and North Africa, resulting from a unique approach to business, service and customer portfolio.


Future Gate LLC is a one-stop service establishment assisting company formation, operations and in-country employee processes
(immigration, family sponsorship, licensing and permits, payroll etc). Established in 2000, Future Gate has been providing first-rate services in the
State of Qatar for nearly 2 decades.

FutureGate Software (FGS) is one of the region’s leading providers of IT solutions and services, it specializes in developing end to end software
solutions using latest technologies that help its customers achieve their business objectives and expand their services to reach the world by working together to make these new technologies available to them in record times.

Future Gate Healthcare Solutions L.L.C is a leading provider of healthcare IT solutions and services which stand up to international standards, providing turnkey and state-of-the-art intelligent and innovative pharmacy solutions. We are unique as we are able to anticipate industry and technology trends and to develop highly creative customer focused solutions in a constantly changing environment.

Future Gate Trading & Contracting endeavor is to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients and offer service and solutions tailored to
their needs. We provide internal and external architect designs, building material, custom-built design, lighting solutions, and more.

Future Gate Translation Services is your best choice whatever your project size is. Thanks to our professional code of ethics and highly efficient workflow, once you send us your translation request, we assign certain project managers for handling your project from A to Z. Our endeavor is to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients and offer the service and solutions tailored to their individual needs.

Future Gate Real Estate Services – Your Ultimate Destination for Premium Properties! With a commitment to the highest professional standards and an incredibly efficient process, we ensure that from the moment you explore our website, we dedicate experienced Agents to oversee your real estate needs from start to finish.

Doha Family Magazine Founded in 2012, Doha Family Magazine is the first regularly-printed parenting publication in Qatar. We publish a plethora of topics that are of interest to families – from parenting, education, and health to things you can do to have fun and make the best of your life here in Qatar. Our clients also provide mum, child, and family-related ads and articles that are of value to Qatar-based families.

OneSource Solutions International is improving hospital workflows, safety protocols, and patient health visibility.
Using OneSource, healthcare providers have all of their patient health information at their disposal. We are transforming the way healthcare teams communicate, collaborate, and coordinate.
Our aim is to improve patient care and enable more timely, accurate decision making.